"When angels fell, some fell on the land, some on the sea. The former are the faeries and the latter were often said to be the seals.” - Anonymous Orcadian

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From Wedding Sparrow:

"Today feels like a breath of fresh air. The indescribable beauty of the Australian coastline plus the organic and feminine styling by one of our favorites, Dominique Flowers makes for a stunning set of inspiration. Film photographer Love Note Photography perfectly photographed the "Selkie Maidens" in a way that portrays understated glamor and beauty from within. We are in love with the amazing Gwendolynne gowns as each is so intricate and romantic!"

Read more from Dominique Flowers about what inspired this lovely coastal shoot... From stylist and florist Dominique Flowers: "Inspired by the Undine illustrations by Arthur Rackmam and the Celtic myth of the selkies, this styled shoot took place on a stormy winter day with the dramatic red cliffs of Long Reef and mysterious churning ocean as the backdrop. The Selkie Maidens, ethereal creatures who take the form of seals in the ocean, but then transform into supernaturally beautiful humans while on land, long for their fisherman lovers to return from the sea. The maidens barefoot, in their ethereal pearl and crystal embellished gowns and accessories, wait by the 18th century fisherman’s port watching the foaming waves, hoping for a glimpse of their men returning from the stormy sea. Love letters tied with silk ribbon, chronicling their courtship, are read in anticipation of their pending nuptials. Their hands and necks layered with the most delicate handmade gold and semi-precious jewels. A shimmering, embossed tiered cake is adorned with blooms; lush bouquets in shades of soft pink and dark plum; full of peonies, frilled tulips, scented garden roses, cyclamen, rhododendron blossoms, sculptural bromeliads, subtlety referencing the shapes and textures from an underwater coral garden."

Photography | Love Note Photography

Gwendolynne Dresses |  Elke & Nouveau Wedding Dress

Designer | Gwendolynne

Styling & Flowers | dominique flowers

Make Up | cathy tolpigin makeup

Hair | kristine bisson hair

Jewellery | natalie marie jewellery

Hair Pieces | percy handmade

Ribbon | frou frou chic