The following list of frequently asked questions and answers will give you an overview of the process of creating your own made-to-measure gown.

How much does a made–to–measure Gwendolynne gowns cost?

Gwendolynne made-to-measure gowns generally range from $3,000 to $11,500, with an average price of  $5,,500.

Clients with smaller budgets might consider our stunning hand embellished boleros, belts & capelets individually crafted by artisan beaders to add to a gown bought elsewhere off the rack. Lower budget clients may also consider a gown from the Gwendolynne White diffusion line.

I have a full figure/full bust size and I won’t fit into all the samples in your salon… how do I know the garment will look good on me?

We are happy to accommodate any size and the Gwendolynne team will guide you through the process to ensure all your needs are met.

Gwendolynne is a small business and we do apologise that we cannot accommodate all sizes in our sample range however we do have a range of gowns from size 8 – 22. Even if the sample you love doesn’t fit, we can still get a sense of the dress style on you and can guide you on changes.  Most of our store samples are size 12.

I am from regional Victoria/interstate/overseas & would love a dress crafted by Gwendolynne. Can you do this, and what is the process?

Yes! Please visit here for more info!

Do you do off the rack/pre-made/ready to wear gowns?

To ensure your purchase is in mint condition and fits you perfectly, all Gwendolynne gowns are individually crafted however we can make gowns in standard sizes in a shorter time frame.

Do you have any stockist’s interstate?

Yes, we are stocked in Perth  as well as internationally in London, and New Zealand. Visit our stockist page for more info.


I have fallen pregnant or may get pregnant during the process of the dress being made will this be a problem?

As soon as you fall pregnant it is important to let us know so we can react to your changing body. We have some great styles that flatter mothers to be. If you let us know early in the process we can pattern cut the look so it can accommodate the changes in your body.


What are your main holiday times?

We close for two weeks over the Christmas period and take all main public holidays. Long weekends when there’s a public holiday (such as a Monday) we are closed on the Saturday prior. We are a small business and some weekends get asigned to annual leave so it is always worthwhile calling before hand to ensure we are open.


How much time do I need to have a dress made?

Creating a beautiful individual piece is different from buying off the rack; it is a process that requires time and patience. At least six months are required for made-to-measure original garments. On occasion we can produce a design in a tighter timeline, particularly over the quieter periods of the year. To speed up the process sometimes additional fees may be incurred. It is always worth asking, as some styles are quicker to produce. If you do have a tight schedule it is important that you are readily available for fittings.


Does the price of the dress include all the fittings?

Yes – the price includes all fittings for our Premium range according to the design you have agreed upon in the initial stages. Naturally if you wish to make any additional amendments to the fit/design during the making process then further costs may apply. Our Gwendolynne White range works differently but prices do include the measure, fit check and pick up appointments. Fittings are at an additional cost for this range.


Can I browse designs before I commit to a design for my dress?

Yes! We welcome clients to browse before they commit to an appointment on Saturdays between 11am and 4pm (except public holidays). We prefer if you let us know you are coming to browse, as it gets very busy, and that way we can stagger clients throughout the day. Please note that making a time to browse does not mean that you will be able to try dresses on – for this you will need to make an appointment.


I would like to make an appointment. On which days & how soon can I book one?

We manage pre-scheduled appointments on Saturdays and during the week, so you will need to secure an appointment in advance to ensure priority service.

Saturdays from 10am to 4pm

Tuesdays to Fridays from 10:30am to 5:30pm


Do you take after hour’s appointments?

For those not available on Saturdays, we do have a specialized consultant in part-time during the week (Tuesday through Friday). Our latest appointment time during the week is 4:30pm (these appointments are popular and as such are usually booked well in advance) however if you need an evening appointment we can accomodate this at a fee. Please enquire.


Can I make an appointment on a Sunday?

 No. It is our day of rest so we are never open on a Sunday!


Is there a fee for my initial appointment?

No. Your first appointments is complimentary. These appointments are for you to make your dress choice in. In order to offer this service, we limit the appointment times to 30min. If further appointments are required prior to purchasing a dress, a fee is required. Further appointments will be charged at $50per 30mins. Of course, once a deposit is made, all payments to date are deducted off the price of the gown and all appointment thereafter are inclusive in the cost of the dress.


I would like to design my own dress and get Gwendolynne to make it. I don’t want to choose from a sample range.

I love creating new things and I am always excited about exploring and your requirements for a dress, so it is worthwhile communicating your ideas. However if the style does not fit the design signature of Gwendolynne and we feel we cannot give you the desired outcome, we may suggest alternatives for you.

If Gwendolynne feels that your ideas are appropriate to the label’s style, then the only boundaries are time and budget. Designing from scratch is a far more time consuming process and therefore more expensive. This is something for you to consider when deciding which direction you are going to go in.

From experience, we have found that working from a sample range achieves the best result, as many clients find it hard to visualize the finished design based on a sketch. Elements of existing styles can make up the look you are seeking, and this way you can physically see how it works on your body. 


Do I need to bring anything to my appointments and fittings?

 It is a good idea to wear nude underwear to your initial appointment, as dark underwear can be distracting when trying on dresses.  We find clients that are a bit shy find wearing shapewear useful. If you own a pair of shoes with a heel height that you are comfortable in, it is also useful to bring these along. However, we do have a selection of heels available for trying with the dresses if this is not possible.


May I bring friends and family to the appointments?

We acknowledge that some clients like to bring people they care about and trust to their fittings, but please consider other clients if you choose to bring your family/bridal party with you. On the rare occasion big groups of people can cause a distraction to a peaceful and beautiful experience for others. Too many people can create confusion and we strongly suggest you choose your companions carefully.


Once I have made my selection what are the next steps?

We can secure your dress by processing a 50% deposit. Your deposit ensures we can accommodate your creation in our schedule in the event we reach capacity. Your dress pick up will happen approximately 2 weeks prior to your wedding date, giving us enough time to make last minute adjustments if necessary. This is when the balance of the dress payment is required

What payments do you accept?

We take EFTPOS, cheque (but not at pick up), direct deposits, internet payments, cash and most credit cards (except Amex and Diners). Credit card payments incur a 1.5% surcharge.


What is the process to purchase a headpiece or veil?

Milliner Richard Nylon’s studio is situated above Gwendolynne’s salon. He can create co-ordinated headpieces, veils, shoes and accessories to be worn with your dress. Please contact Richard for further details.

 Richard’s contact details are: Ph (03) 9419 3889   or email